Our approach – vigorous, thoughtful, thorough, informed, appropriate – is not for every client or construction project. But, where it is warranted, it is by far the most pleasing way to build anything. To a person, we find great satisfaction in bringing dreams to life through skill, application of craft, and forethought.

General Contracting

At ESMB, we believe in a conservative approach to building innovative structures. Long before any physical work is done, we endeavor to help establish a great team oriented around a proper approach to the defined problems. While this may not be common in residential or light commercial work, it serves our clients best with astounding physical and emotional results.

Rather than the industry standard reactive process of bidding drawings, we advocate for an ‘informed design process’ that is akin to Industrial Design — where the team works its way through several ‘loops’ of dreaming, research and refinement.


Because we are by nature problem-solvers and broad thinkers with a wealth of varied experience, we often consult to help owners or teams across the western United States. Services include owner’s representation, initial project structure and team assembly, and correctional analysis that covers consultants, design and construction.


Maintaining the beautiful places we build is a necessary part of our practice, but it is not a profit- center or revenue focus for us. We work to be helpful and to make sure the work is done correctly and on time, often suggesting the right technicians contracted directly to our owners to ease accountability and scheduling.

With so much physical material to be considered in even modest construction projects, the people are often overlooked. But great work is dependent upon an attitude of service in tension with an inviolate commitment to carry it out in the best way. This takes constant communication, explanation and education.


By design, ESMB is structured to be able to handle complex, precise and technical projects, but be nimble enough to do smaller or more basic work as well. All of our business is via referral. Principals Eric Stelter and Matt Brown have worked together for over 21 years at three companies. They lead a team that has been together on average for over twelve years. The fruit of our stability and focus is cost-effective solutions, happy and productive worksites, and enabling the best subcontractors to do their best work, all ending in a finish product that both holds up and delights.